The Reel Safety Solution

  • Posted By: Matthew Taylor
  • May 17, 2018

The team at CEJN evaluated different reels on the market, looking into injuries suffered by people and harm to the environment. Four areas were highlighted: hose retraction, hose replacement, stop-balls and locking features. The most dangerous aspect of a hose reel is the spring force during rewinding. CEJN’s new safety reel is equipped with a sturdy centrifugal brake in the drum, combined with a strong spring force, giving a slow and steady retraction, which is both safe for the people and objects nearby in the workplace. Also highlighted were the risks and difficulties of changing a hose.

When a casing is opened, severe injury to the user can be caused by the strong embedded tension of the metal spiral within. To combat this, CEJN safety reels feature an encapsulated spring cassette, to protect the user if the reel needs to be dismantled. CEJN’s new design no longer requires a user to dismantle the reel to change a hose; meaning the task takes under a minute and is completely safe. 

During development ofthe safety reel, the CEJN design team had one key ambition: to create a reel where flow limitations and pressure drop were virtually eliminated. This was challenging, as the standard CEJN reel is renowned for its high flow. Research involved customer surveys combined with analyses of commonly used hose reels on the global market. The three areas that most limit flow have been the main focus of further construction improvements: the swivel, the hose attachment, and the stop-ball. 

Today, CEJN’s safety reels are almost twice as effective as their standard reel. In addition to perfecting performance in their product design - fittings and transition are optimised to eliminate pressure drop, leakage and system loss, whilst helping to maximise tool efficiency. As the hose can be easily changed if damaged, the reels can last much longer than most other reels on the market. By investing in a CEJN safety reel, a product is purchased that will last for years to come.

CEJN’s primary goal has been to create the best quality, most durable reel on the market. Reels adapted for industrial usage, take advantage of premium materials chosen to withstand outdoor use, UV radiation, chemicals, and resistance to wear. To maximise durability, all materials are tested for high and low friction, to find the combination that provides the longest life span. 

Burley Hydraulics (Cambs) Ltd offers CEJN safety reels that provide a high flow and low-pressure drop to maximise output. The patented closed safety reels are developed and manufactured in Sweden. All designed with CEJN’s core company values: safety, performance, quality, innovation and protecting the environment. CEJN: the future of high performance hose reels, available from Burley Hydraulics (Cambs) Ltd.