Quality as Standard with E.MC ISO Rated Cylinders

  • Posted By: Matthew Taylor
  • March 16, 2018

FVBC and VBC series cylinders operate to the ISO 15552 standard. The new enhanced models feature a complete update to their covers and piston, along with the addition of a full PU sealing system, magnet integrated ring slot, double cushioning structure and strengthened cushion needle and guide.

Each element of the series has been re-engineered, to produce superior performance and reliability. Cylinders are automatically machined by high precision CNC robots and are automatically assembled and tested.

FVBC and VBC standard cylinders supply a 2000 KM loaded stroke life, with a choice of either Mickey Mouse or Rod-Type styles. FVBC cylinders come in bore sizes 32 mm to 100 mm, whilst VBC cylinders are available to buy in bore sizes 32 mm to 125 mm, with larger sizes also available on request.